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Tinsley Belt Polisher model # TDF-74P:

This 60" belt polisher for a production output of 400 - 800 lbs./hour is constructed totally of stainless steel with a food grade polypropylene belt and sidewalls. Using a heated top scraper to return maximum of the chocolate from the belt surface back into the processed product.

Includes the following:

· Intralox Series 800 mat top belting with ribs, and complete with all necessary UHMWP carry-way support wear strips. Driven by a 3 HP motor, 1750 RPM, complete with the gearbox for a final output of 76 RPM, or a linear belt speed of up to 200-FPM max. Drive motor controlled via variable frequency speed controller for belt speed adjustment from 0 - 200 FPM. This will allow for excellent product tumble and uniform product polishing at its proper belt speed for the different products.

· The polishing liquid feed will be controlled by the solenoid rotating valve and through the spray nozzle manifold. The manifold will be hot water jacketed for good polishing liquid flow. The spray nozzles will be at approximately 15" centers, allowing a good & uniform product coating. This polisher will be equipped with 5 spray nozzles.

· A 5 gallon tank with piping and one pump for the polish & glazing feed will be included.

· To prevent product traveling with the belt, a retaining bar spaced about ¼" from the belt surface will scrape the product off the belt and drop it down to the other product area.

· An interior light will light up the product processing area for easy inspection during the processing.

· The air knife for cold air supply to cool & dry the product is designed to handle a typical 1700 CFM of cold air at 48 - 55 deg. F. External air chiller will be required. (Not included with machine.)

· An air / fume exhaust duct will be installed at the back side of the machine to remove any vapors from the polishing process. Air exhaust blower rated for 1700 CFM mounted on top of machine is included.

· Lexan front doors will allow for easy product access and inspection.

· Basic machine with PLC controls and wired for 480 Volts, 3 Ph., 60 Hz., with main disconnect

· Machine size and weight: 105" long x 76" deep x 86" height. Approximately 3,200 pounds total.

Location: PA
Internal Reference: 75468

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