Fulton Model I.C.S. 30HP Skid Mounted Steam Boiler

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One (1) Fulton Model ICS-30, 30 HP Fuel-Fired Steam Boiler: natural gas fired, modulated burner, fuel train built to CSD-1 standards, Honeywell Linkage Style, 240/1/60 motor voltage - TEFC, 120/60/1 control voltage through an incorporated step down transformer, complete with NEMA 1 control panel, and shall have an input of 1,256 CFH with an output of 1,005,000 BTU/hr (1,035lbs/hr).
NOTE: Steam output ratings are at 212°F feedwater temperature and 0psig.
The boiler pressure vessel will be constructed to ASME Section I Boiler Code with a Design Pressure (MAWP) of 200 psig. The boiler will be trimmed at 200 psig and designed for an operating pressure of 150 psig.

Standard Boiler Controls and Trim:
- ASME Certified, UL Listed, and CSD-1 Compliant
- Probe type water bottle and gauge glass assembly, complete with sight glass drain, sample valve, and steam pressure test valve.
- Primary Low Water Cutoff with auto reset, Secondary Low Water Cutoff with manual reset
- High Limit and Operating Pressure controls
- Low Water light and door mounted reset
- Surface blowdown diptube and valve
- Feedwater stop and check valves
- Blowdown quick and slow opening valves
- ASME safety relief valve
- Stack adapter and Gasket
- Steam Stop Valve included for units with operating pressures 75 psig and greater
- Installation and Operation Manual

One (1) Fulton Model VT-30 Vertical Condensate Return/Feedwater Tank (non-code), complete with One (1) Vertical Multistage Feedwater Pump. Pump voltage is 240/1/60.
Standard Tank Features and Trim:
- Adjustable float valve for water level control
- Suction isolation valve, flexible vibration isolator, and strainer
- Connections for condensate return, vent, water make-up, and pump discharge
- Sight glass with isolation valves and protector rods

One (1) Steam Injection Preheat Kit:

One (1) Fulton Model F-30 Blowoff Separator.
Standard Features and Trim:
- ASME Stamped at 75 psig
- Baffle plate design to absorb steam flash and pressure
- Large steam vent opening
- 3x4 Hand hole for clean out and inspection

One (1) Self-Actuated Cooling Kit

Above Equipment Fully Skid Mounted, Piped, and Wired, provided with a single point electrical connection (fused disconnect), single point steam outlet, single point water inlet, and a single point drain.

Engineering services provided with this equipment, if ordered/applicable, include:
• Piping Diagram and Top Layout/Mechanical Arrangement Drawing
• Electrical Schematic
• Fuel Train Drawing
• End Assembly Prints
• Applicable Sub-assembly/Kit Drawings

Pressure Vessel Warranty*:
The pressure vessel is covered against defective material or workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of shipment from the factory. Fulton will extend this warranty to ten (10) years from the date of shipment for steam boilers that are purchased as part of a skid mounted boiler system.

Location: Long Island, NY
Internal Reference: 079862

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